Catalina's Hair Design - Hair Salon | Schaumburg, IL

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Hair trimming services makeup

Second-to-none salon services

A great new look for your hair

Hair Sculpting Services

Women From $20.00

Men From $17.00

Senior Women From $17.00

Senior Men From $15.00


High School

11th and 12th Grade From $15.00

9th and 10th Grade From $14.00


Junior High School From $12.00

Elementary School From $11.00

Pre-K and Under From $10.00

Perming Services

Regular Perm From $40.00

Spiral Perm From $65.00

Rusk De-Frizzer From $50.00

Rusk Straightening From $100.00

Thermal Shiny Straight From $300.00


FREE consultations and gift certificates are available.

Other Services

Updo From $40.00

Straightening From $30.00

Shampoo / Set From $25.00

Make Up From $40.00

Eyebrow Waxing From $12.00

Lip Waxing From $8.00

Color Services

Semi-Permanent From $30.00

Retouch From $40.00

Retouch Double Process From $65.00

New Color From $55.00

New Color Double Process From $80.00

Color Corrective From $95.00

Full Highlight From $70.00

Partial Highlight From $50.00

Men's Retouch From $25.00

Men's Highlight From $30.00